Title 44

Chapter 19
Sales and Use Taxes — Enforcement and Collection

R.I. Gen. Laws 44-19-19

 44-19-19.  Judgment on review.

If, upon final determination of the petition, it appears that the tax administrator's assessment was correct, the court shall confirm the assessment; or, if incorrect, the court shall determine the proper amount of the tax, interest, and penalties, and if it appears that the petitioner, by reason of the payment of the tax, interest, and penalties, is entitled to recover them or any part of them, the court may order a refund with interest at the annual rate provided by 44-1-7.1 or order a credit, as the circumstances may warrant. If a refund is ordered, it is paid by the general treasurer upon certification of the tax administrator with the approval of the director of administration. If it appears that the state is entitled to a greater amount of tax, interest, and penalties than assessed or determined by the tax administrator and paid by the petitioner, the court shall order the payment by the petitioner of an additional amount as the court determines, and the petitioner shall immediately pay that amount to the tax administrator.

History of Section.
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