Taxation of Beverage Containers, Hard-to-Dispose Material and Litter Control Participation Permittee

SECTION 44-44-4

§ 44-44-4. Filing of returns and extensions of time for filing returns.

On or before the twenty-fifth day of the month next succeeding the month in which any taxes imposed by this chapter are collected, the beverage wholesaler and/or hard-to-dispose material wholesaler or hard-to-dispose material retailers or person liable for tax pursuant to § 44-44-3.7, shall pay the taxes to the tax administrator and at the same time shall file a return in a form that the tax administrator may by regulation prescribe. The tax administrator may grant reasonable extensions of time for filing returns under rules and regulations that he or she prescribes. If any taxes are not paid to the tax administrator when due, or if any return is not filed when due, there shall be added to the taxes and made a part of the taxes interest at the rate set forth in § 44-1-7 from the date when the taxes became due until the date of payment.

History of Section.
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