Levy and Assessment of Local Taxes

SECTION 44-5-12.1

§ 44-5-12.1. Assessment of tangible personal property.

(a) All tangible personal property subject to taxation shall be assessed for taxation based on the original purchase price (new or used) including all costs such as freight and installation. Assets will be classified and depreciated as defined in this section.

(b) The following classification and depreciation table shall be used in determining the assessed value of tangible personal property.

Class of Assets Age State of Rhode Island Class I Short Life 1-5 yrs Tangible Property Class II Mid-Life 6-12 yrs Depreciation Rate Classification Class III Long Life 13+ yrs
1 95 95 95
2 80 90 90
3 60 80 85
4 30 70 80
5 20 60 75
6 20 50 70
7 20 40 65
8 20 30 60
9 20 30 55
10 20 30 50
11 20 30 45
12 20 30 40
13 20 30 35
14 20 30 30
15+ 20 30 30

Assets Shall Not be Trended

(c) Assets shall be classified on an annual basis by the Rhode Island Association of Assessing Officers' Personal Property Committee based on the following table:


Aerospace industry II

Agriculture machinery and equipment II

cotton ginning II

Aircraft and all helicopters II

Amusement and theme parks II

Apparel and fabricated textile manufacturing II

Automobile repair shops II

Bakeries and confectionery production II

Barber and beauty shops II

Billboards II

Brewery equipment II

Cable television, headend facilities II

microwave systems II

program origination II

service and test II

subscriber connection and distribution II

Canneries and frozen food production II

Cement manufacture III

Chemical and allied production II

Clay products manufacturing III

Clocks and watches, manufacturing II

electronic instrumentation I

Cold storage and ice-making equipment III

Cold storage warehouse equipment II

Computers, personal computers (PC) I

mainframe I/II

peripherals I

Condiments, manufacturing and processing II

Construction equipment, general construction II

Dairy products manufacturing II

Data handling equipment, except computers II

Distilling II

Electrical equipment manufacturing II

Electronic companies, steam production III

other production, combined cycle III

gas turbines III

nuclear production III

transmission III

distribution III

Electronic equipment manufacturing I

Fabricated metal products II

special tools I

Fishing equipment, excluding boats and barges I

Food and beverage production II

special handling devices I

Fur processing II

Gas distribution, total distribution equipment III

Optional – for equipment by category:

mains and services, plastic III

mains and services, steel III

meters, regulators, installations III

other distribution equipment III

Glass and glass products II

special tools I

Grain and grain mill products manufacture III

Gypsum products III

Hand tools I

Hospital furnishings and equipment II

Hotel and motel furnishings and equipment II

Jewelry products and pens II

Knitwear and knit products I

Laundry equipment II

Leather and leather products II

Logging, timber cutting I/II

Machinery manufacturing, except, as otherwise listed II

Marine construction II

Meatpacking II

Medical and dental supply production II

Metalworking machinery manufacturing II

Mining and quarrying II

Motion picture and television production II

Motor vehicle and parts manufacturing II

special tools I

Office furniture and equipment II

Optical lenses and instrument manufacturing II

Paints and varnishes I

Paper and pulp manufacturing II

converted paper, paperboard and pump II

Petroleum and natural gas, drilling, onshore II

drilling, offshore II

exploration and production II

petroleum refining III

pipeline transportation III

Plastics manufacturing I/II

Plastic products manufacturing II

special tools I

Primary metals production, nonferrous and foundry products III

special tools I

Primary steel mill products III

Printing and publishing II

Professional and scientific instruments II

Radio and television, broadcasting I/II

Railroad transportation equipment manufacturing II

locomotive manufacturing II

Recreation and amusement II

Retail trades, fixtures and equipment II

Residential furniture II

Restaurant and bar equipment II

Restaurant equipment, fast foods II

Rubber products manufacturing II

special tools I

Sawmills, permanent II

portable I

Service establishments II

Ship and boat building machinery and equipment II

special tools I

Soft drink manufacture and bottling II

Steam production and distribution III

Stone products manufacturing III

Sugar and sugar products manufacturing III

Telecommunications, local exchange

analog switching I/II

digital switching I/II

circuit, digital I/II

circuit, analog II

circuit, optic I/II

other central office equipment I/II

information/origination equipment I/II

smart phones I

metallic cable II

fiber cable III

poles III

conduit III

Telecommunications, interstate interexchange

analog switching I/II

digital switching I/II

metallic cable II

fiber cable III

poles III

conduit III

all other equipment I/II

Telecommunications, cellular

analog switching I/II

digital switching I/II

radio frequency channel and control I/II

power equipment II

antennae II

towers III

transmission equipment I/II

cellular phones I

Textile products, including finishing and dyeing II

manufacture of nonwoven fabrics II

manufacture of yarn, thread and woven fabrics II

manufacture of textured yarns II

Theater equipment II

Tobacco and tobacco products III

Vegetable oil products III

Waste reduction and resource recovery II

Water transportation III

vessels, barges and tugs III

Water utilities III

Wharves, docks and piers III

Wholesale trade fixtures and equipment II

Wood products and furniture manufacturing II

History of Section.
(P.L. 2006, ch. 383, § 2; P.L. 2006, ch. 434, § 2.)