Title 44

Chapter 5
Levy and Assessment of Local Taxes

R.I. Gen. Laws § 44-5-69

§ 44-5-69. Local fire districts — Requirements of annual budget — Annual financial statements and publication of property tax data.

Every fire district authorized to assess and collect taxes on real and personal property in the several towns in the state shall be required to have annual financial statements audited by an independent auditing firm approved pursuant to § 45-10-4 by the auditor general. The auditor general may waive or modify form and content of financial statements and scope of the audit, based upon the size of the fire districts. The financial statements for fiscal year 2015 and every fiscal year thereafter shall be presented at the district’s first annual meeting subsequent to receipt of said financial statements. At least ten (10) days prior to said annual meeting, a copy of such financial statements shall be filed by the fire district with the town clerk for the town in which the district(s) is located. A copy of the financial statements shall be simultaneously sent to the auditor general and the division of municipal finance in the department of revenue. The fire districts shall also provide to the division of municipal finance in the department of revenue the adopted budget within thirty (30) days of final action, and other information on tax rates, budgets, assessed valuations, and other pertinent data upon forms provided by the division of municipal finance. The information shall be published by the department of revenue.

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