Title 44

Chapter 9
Tax Sales

R.I. Gen. Laws § 44-9-27

§ 44-9-27. Examination of title — Notice to interested parties of foreclosure petition.

(a) Upon the filing of a petition, the petitioner shall, at his or her own cost, select, with the approval of the court, a title company or an attorney familiar with the examination of land titles. This company or attorney shall make an examination of the title sufficient only to determine the persons who may be interested in the title, and the petitioner shall, upon the filing of the examiner’s report, notify all persons appearing to be interested, whether as equity owners, mortgagees, lienors, attaching creditors, or otherwise, as well as the tax collector in the municipality where the subject property is located, of the pendency of the petition, the notice to be sent to each by registered or certified mail and return of receipt required. In the event that any item mailed by certified mail is returned unopened, the petitioner shall send that notice to the addressee at the same address by first class regular mail, postage prepaid, and also, if the subject property is residential, petition the court for leave to serve the addressee by tacking said notice to the front door of the subject property. Other and further notice by publication or otherwise shall be given as the court may at any time order.

(b) The notice, to be addressed “To all whom it may concern,” shall contain the name of the petitioner, the names of all known respondents, a description of the land, and a statement of the nature of the petition, shall fix the time when appearance may be entered, and shall contain a statement that, unless the notified party shall appear within the fixed time, a default will be recorded, the petition taken as confessed, and the right of redemption forever barred (Form 6).

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