Title 44

Chapter 9
Tax Sales

R.I. Gen. Laws § 44-9-40

§ 44-9-40. Petition to establish title based on sale without foreclosure.

The holder of a title acquired under § 44-9-36 or 44-9-38 may file in the superior court a petition to establish his or her title by requiring all persons who would have an interest in the land involved, except for either the petitioner’s title or his or her claim of title originating under § 44-9-36 or 44-9-38, to show cause why they should not bring an action to try any claim or claims which they may have adverse to the petitioner’s title arising out of the tax proceedings upon which the title was based. The petition shall set forth on oath the petitioner’s source of title, giving a reference to the place, book, and page of record of the deed under § 44-9-36 or 44-9-38 upon which the petitioner relies, the description of the land involved which appeared in the tax deed upon which the deed under § 44-9-36 or 44-9-38 was based, the names of all persons known to the petitioner, and other facts as may be necessary for the information of the court; but the petitioner need not allege in the petition nor show during the hearing any error or irregularity in the tax proceedings upon which the title depends or any other defect in the title. The petition shall be in the alternative praying that the persons be ordered to show cause why they should not bring action to try the claim or claims or, if the persons do not appear within the time fixed or, having appeared, disobey the lawful order of the court to try their claim or claims, that the court enter a decree that they be forever barred from having or enforcing any claim or claims adversely to the petitioner, his or her heirs or assigns, in the land described (Form 15).

History of Section.
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