Title 45
Towns and Cities

Chapter 19
Relief of Injured and Deceased Fire Fighters and Police Officers

R.I. Gen. Laws 45-19-2

 45-19-2.  Board of police officer's relief.

Within the department of labor and training there is a board of police officer's relief consisting of seven (7) members which administers the fund for the relief of police officers as provided by law. Five (5) members of the board appointed by the director of labor and training; provided, that four (4) of the five (5) members must be actually occupied and working as full-time police officers in the police force of some municipality in this state. These four (4) full-time police are selected, two (2) each, from a list of six (6) candidates submitted by the Rhode Island State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police and the International Brotherhood of Police Officers. The sixth member is appointed by the Rhode Island Police Chiefs' Association as a representative of the conference on the board. The seventh member is appointed by the Providence Retired Police and Fire Association, and must be a retired Providence police officer; provided, further, that all financial powers and duties concerning the board of police officer's relief are administered by the general treasurer.

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