Title 45
Towns and Cities

Chapter 22.2
Rhode Island Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Act

R.I. Gen. Laws 45-22.2-10

 45-22.2-10.  Coordination of state agencies.

(a) State agencies shall develop their respective programs and conduct their respective activities in a manner consistent with the findings, intent, and goals established under this chapter.

(b) The chief shall develop standards to assist municipalities in the incorporation of the state goals and policies into comprehensive plans, and to guide the chief's review of comprehensive plans and state agency activities.

(c) The state planning council shall adopt and maintain all rules and regulations necessary to implement the standards established by this chapter.

(d) The chief shall develop and make readily available to all municipalities statewide data and technical information for use in the preparation of comprehensive plans. Data specific to each municipality shall be provided by that municipality. The chief shall make maximum use of existing information available from other agencies.

(e) The chief may contract with any person, firm, or corporation to develop the necessary planning information and coordinate with other state agencies as necessary to provide support and technical assistance for local planning efforts.

(f) The chief shall notify appropriate state agencies of the approval of a comprehensive plan or amendment to a comprehensive plan.

(g) Once a municipality's comprehensive plan is approved, programs and projects of state agencies, excluding the state guide plan as provided for by 42-11-10, shall conform to that plan. In the event that a state agency wishes to undertake a program, project, or to develop a facility which is not in conformance with the comprehensive plan, the state planning council shall hold a public hearing on the proposal at which the state agency must demonstrate:

(1) That the program, project, or facility conforms to the stated goals, findings, and intent of this chapter; and

(2) That the program, project, or facility is needed to promote or protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Rhode Island; and

(3) That the program, project, or facility is in conformance with the relevant sections of the state guide plan; and

(4) That the program implementation, project, or size, scope, and design of the facility will vary as little as possible from the comprehensive plan of the municipality.

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