Title 45
Towns and Cities

Chapter 22.2
Rhode Island Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Act

R.I. Gen. Laws 45-22.2-5

 45-22.2-5.  Formulation of comprehensive plans by cities and towns.

(a) The comprehensive plan is a statement (in text, maps, illustrations, or other media of communication) that is designed to provide a basis for rational decision making regarding the long-term physical development of the municipality. The definition of goals and policies relative to the distribution of future land uses, both public and private, forms the basis for land use decisions to guide the overall physical, economic, and social development of the municipality.

(b) There is established a program of local comprehensive planning to address the findings and intent and accomplish the goals of this chapter. Rhode Island's cities and towns, through the exercise of their power and responsibility pursuant to the general laws, applicable articles of the Rhode Island Constitution, and subject to the express limitations and requirements of this chapter, shall prepare, adopt, amend, and maintain comprehensive plans, including implementation programs, that relate development to land capacity, protect our natural resources, promote a balance of housing choices, encourage economic development, preserve and protect our open space, recreational, historic and cultural resources, provide for orderly provision of facilities and services and are consistent with the goals, findings, intent, and other provisions of this chapter and the laws of the state.

(c) Each municipality shall ensure that its zoning ordinance and map are consistent with its comprehensive plan.

(d) Each municipality shall submit to the chief, as provided for in 45-22.2-9 and 45-22.2-12 and the rules promulgated by the state planning council:

(1) Its locally adopted comprehensive plan;

(2) Any amendment to its comprehensive plan;

(3) An informational report on the status of its implementation programs; and

(4) Its zoning ordinance text and generalized zoning map or maps.

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