Towns and Cities

Subdivision of Land

SECTION 45-23-37

§ 45-23-37. General provisions – Administrative subdivision.

(a) Any applicant requesting approval of a proposed administrative subdivision, as defined in this chapter, shall submit to the administrative officer the items required by the local regulations.

(b) The application shall be certified, in writing, as complete or incomplete by the administrative officer within a fifteen (15) day period from the date of its submission according to the provisions of § 45-23-36(b).

(c) Review process:

(1) Within fifteen (15) days of certification of completeness, the administrative officer, or the technical review committee, shall review the application and approve, deny or refer it to the planning board with recommendations. The officer or committee shall report its actions to the planning board at its next regular meeting, to be made part of the record.

(2) If no action is taken by the administrative officer or the technical review committee within the fifteen (15) days, the application shall be placed on the agenda of the next regular planning board meeting.

(d) If referred to the planning board, the board shall consider the application and the recommendations of the administrative officer and/or the technical review committee and either approve, approve with conditions, or deny the application within sixty-five (65) days of certification of completeness. Failure of the planning board to act within the prescribed period constitutes approval of the administrative subdivision plan and a certificate of the administrative officer as to the failure of the planning board or committee to act within the required time and the resulting approval shall be issued on request of the applicant.

(e) Denial of an application by the administrative officer and/or the technical review committee is not appealable and requires the plan to be submitted as a minor subdivision application.

(f) Any approval of an administrative subdivision shall be evidenced by a written decision which shall be filed and posted in the office of the city or town clerk.

(g) Approval of an administrative subdivision expires ninety (90) days from the date of approval unless within that period a plat in conformity with that approval is submitted for signature and recording as specified in § 45-23-64.

History of Section.
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