Towns and Cities

Subdivision of Land

SECTION 45-23-67

§ 45-23-67. Appeals – Process of appeal.

(a) An appeal to the board of appeal from a decision or action of the planning board or administrative officer may be taken by an aggrieved party to the extent provided in § 45-23-66. The appeal must be taken within twenty (20) days after the decision has been recorded in the city's or town's land evidence records and posted in the office of the city or town clerk.

(b) The appeal shall be in writing and state clearly and unambiguously the issue or decision that is being appealed, the reason for the appeal, and the relief sought. The appeal shall either be sent by certified mail, with a return receipt requested, or be hand-delivered to the board of appeal. The city or town clerk shall accept delivery of an appeal on behalf of the board of appeal, if the local regulations governing land development and subdivision review so provide.

(c) Upon receipt of an appeal, the board of appeal shall require the planning board or administrative officer to immediately transmit to the board of appeal, all papers, documents and plans, or a certified copy thereof, constituting the record of the action which is being appealed.

History of Section.
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