Title 45
Towns and Cities

Chapter 24.1
Historical Area Zoning

R.I. Gen. Laws § 45-24.1-5

§ 45-24.1-5. Avoiding demolition through owner neglect.

A city or town may by ordinance empower city or town councils in consultation with the historic district commission to identify structures of historical or architectural value whose deteriorated physical condition endangers the preservation of the structure or its appurtenances. The council shall publish standards for maintenance of properties within historic districts. Upon the petition of the historic district commission that a historic structure is so deteriorated that its preservation is endangered, the council may establish a reasonable time not less than thirty (30) days within which the owner must begin repairs. If the owner has not begun repairs within the allowed time, the council shall hold a hearing at which the owner may appear and state his or her reasons for not commencing repairs. If the owner does not appear at the hearing or does not comply with the council’s orders, the council may cause the required repairs to be made at the expense of the city or town and cause a lien to be placed against the property for repayment.

History of Section.
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