Title 45
Towns and Cities

Chapter 24.3
Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code

R.I. Gen. Laws § 45-24.3-9.2

§ 45-24.3-9.2. Unvented portable space heaters.

(a) “Unvented portable space heater”, as used in this section, means a non-flue connected, self-contained, self supporting, oil-fueled heating appliance equipped with an integral reservoir designed to be carried from one room to another.

(b) “Oil”, as used in this section, means any liquid fuel with a flash point of greater than one hundred degrees (100 °) fahrenheit, including, but not limited to, kerosene.

(c) “Listed”, as used in this section, means any unvented portable space heater evaluated with respect to reasonably foreseeable hazards to life and property by a nationally recognized testing or inspection agency, including, but not limited to, an organization such as underwriters laboratories, inc., and which has been listed as being reasonably safe for its specific purpose and shown in a list published by the agency and/or bears the mark, name, and/or symbol of the agency as indication that it has been so listed.

(d) Listed unvented portable space heaters which comply with the requirements established in subsection (e) of this section may be offered for sale, sold, and used in any dwelling or dwelling unit.

(e) Unvented portable space heaters must adhere to the following requirements:

(1) Unvented portable space heaters must have labeling affixed to caution and inform concerning:

(i) Provision of an adequate source of ventilation when the heater is in operation;

(ii) Use of only suitable fuel for the heater;

(iii) Proper manner of refueling;

(iv) Proper placement and handling of the heater when in operation;

(v) Proper procedures for lighting, flame regulation, and extinguishing the heater; and

(vi) Prohibition on use of unvented portable space heaters in sleeping areas which particular label must be permanently affixed thereto;

(2) Unvented portable space heaters must be packaged with instructions to inform consumers regarding proper maintenance and operation, including, as a minimum, information regarding the provisions stated in subsections (e)(1)(i) through (e)(1)(vi) of this section;

(3) Unvented portable space heaters must be constructed with a low center of gravity and minimum tipping angle of thirty-three degrees (33 °) from the vertical with an empty reservoir;

(4) Unvented portable space heaters must have an automatic safety shut off device or inherent design feature which eliminates fire hazards in the event of tipover and otherwise conform with the standards established in national fire protection association (NFPA) No. 31;

(5) Unvented portable space heaters must not produce carbon monoxide at rates which create a hazard when operated as intended and instructed; and

(6) A notice containing the following must be delivered with each unit sold:

(i) Unvented portable space heaters that incorporate electric components shall be connected to grounded outlets;

(ii) A portable fire extinguisher shall be required in close proximity to unvented portable space heaters;

(iii) A smoke detector shall be required in the area where an unvented portable space heater is to be used.

History of Section.
P.L. 1981, ch. 268, § 2.