Title 45
Towns and Cities

Chapter 24
Zoning Ordinances

R.I. Gen. Laws 45-24-50

 45-24-50.  Adoption — Power of council to adopt — Consistency with comprehensive plan.

(a) For the purpose of promoting the public health, safety, morals, and general welfare, a city or town council has the power, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, to adopt, amend, or repeal, and to provide for the administration, interpretation, and enforcement of, a zoning ordinance. The provisions of a zoning ordinance are stated in text and map(s), and may incorporate charts or other material.

(b) A zoning ordinance, and all amendments to it, must be consistent with the city or town's comprehensive plan, as described in chapter 22.2 of this title, and provide for the implementation of the city or town comprehensive plan.

(c) A zoning ordinance adopted or amended during the pendency of the approval of a municipality's comprehensive plan must be consistent with that plan, until the zoning ordinance is brought into full compliance with the Comprehensive Planning Act,   45-22.2-5(a)(4).

(d) The city or town must bring the zoning ordinance or amendment into conformance with its comprehensive plan as approved by the chief of the division of planning of the department of administration or the superior court in accordance with its implementation schedule as set forth in said plan.

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