Towns and Cities

Election and Qualification of Officers

SECTION 45-4-13

§ 45-4-13. Bond of tax collectors.

(a) Every collector of taxes shall give bond, with sufficient surety, for the faithful performance of his or her trust, to the town treasurer of the town for which the collector is chosen, in any sum the town or the town council determines, not exceeding double the amount of the tax with the collection of which the collector is charged. Whenever any town elects its town treasurer as collector of taxes for the town, the bond to be given by the collector under the provisions of this section shall be given to the town, and delivered to the town council for safekeeping, and upon the happening of any breach of the condition of the bond, an action on the bond may be commenced in the name of the town to which it was given.

(b) Any collector of taxes, for any fire district that is covered by any other bond held by the district which gives sufficient coverage and protection for his or her duties as determined by the board of commissioners of the district, is exempt from the requirements of this section.

History of Section.
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