Towns and Cities

District Management Authorities

SECTION 45-59-3

§ 45-59-3. Definitions and construction.

(a) As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires, the term:

(1) "Chief elected officer" means the official, elected by the voters of a municipality or appointed by the members of the elected legislative body of the municipality, who exercises day-to-day executive authority over the municipality's affairs.

(2) "District management authority" means a district management authority established pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

(3) "Fiscal year" means the fiscal year of the municipality within which the management district is located; "first fiscal year" means the first full fiscal year after the fiscal year during which the management district is created; subsequent fiscal years are referred to in like manner.

(4) "Management district" means a management district established pursuant to the provisions of this chapter and, as the context may require, includes any subdistrict within the management district.

(5) "Municipality" means a city or town of the state of Rhode Island having a population according to the most recent federal census of not less than one hundred thousand (100,000); however, notwithstanding the population requirement, the cities of Newport and Pawtucket shall be considered municipalities for purposes of this chapter. Where the context requires, "municipality" also means a city or town within which a management district is created pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

(6) "Real property" means land and buildings or structures located on the land but does not include lines, mains, poles, easements and rights-of-way owned by public utilities.

(7) "State" means the state of Rhode Island.

(b) References in this chapter to owners or tenants of real property located within a management district or residents of a management district, or managers of real property located within the management district will be construed to include shareholders, members, partners, directors, officers, employees or agents thereof.

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