Title 45
Towns and Cities

Index of Chapters

Chapter 45-1 Boundaries

Chapter 45-2 General Powers

Chapter 45-3 Town Meetings

Chapter 45-4 Election and Qualification of Officers

Chapter 45-5 Councils and Governing Bodies

Chapter 45-6 Ordinances

Chapter 45-6.1 Non-Moving Traffic Violations

Chapter 45-7 Town Clerk

Chapter 45-8 Town Treasurer

Chapter 45-9 Budget Commissions

Chapter 45-10 Audit of Accounts and Installation of Systems

Chapter 45-11 Reserve Funds

Chapter 45-12 Indebtedness of Towns and Cities

Chapter 45-13 State Aid

Chapter 45-13.1 State-Local Relations Commission

Chapter 45-13.2 Municipal Incentive Aid

Chapter 45-14 Sewage Charges

Chapter 45-15 Actions by and Against Towns

Chapter 45-16 Sergeants and Constables

Chapter 45-17 Auctioneers [Repealed.]

Chapter 45-18 Payments to Fire Companies

Chapter 45-19 Relief of Injured and Deceased Fire Fighters and Police Officers

Chapter 45-19.1 Cancer Benefits for Fire Fighters

Chapter 45-20 Appeals from Police and Fire Departments

Chapter 45-21 Retirement of Municipal Employees

Chapter 45-21.1 Municipal Fire Fighters’ Pensions

Chapter 45-21.2 Optional Retirement for Members of Police Force and Firefighters

Chapter 45-21.3 Death of Other Retired Police Officers and Fire Fighters

Chapter 45-21.4 Relating to Central Falls Pension Plan

Chapter 45-21.5  West Warwick Pension Plan

Chapter 45-22 Local Planning Board or Commission

Chapter 45-22.1 Joint Municipal Planning Commissions

Chapter 45-22.2 Rhode Island Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Act

Chapter 45-22.3 State Comprehensive Plan Appeals Board

Chapter 45-22.4 Rhode Island Development Impact Fee Act

Chapter 45-23 Subdivision of Land

Chapter 45-23.1 Mapped Streets

Chapter 45-24 Zoning Ordinances

Chapter 45-24.1 Historical Area Zoning

Chapter 45-24.2 Minimum Housing Standards

Chapter 45-24.3 Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code

Chapter 45-24.4 Special Development Districts

Chapter 45-24.5 Waste Water Management Districts

Chapter 45-24.6 Special Economic Development Districts

Chapter 45-25 City Housing Authorities

Chapter 45-26 Town Housing Authorities

Chapter 45-26.1 Mobile and Manufactured Home Park Rental Review Board [Repealed.]

Chapter 45-27 Housing Authority Bonds and Obligations

Chapter 45-28 Extraterritorial Powers of Housing Authorities

Chapter 45-29 Eminent Domain for Housing Authority Projects

Chapter 45-30 National Defense Housing Projects

Chapter 45-31 Redevelopment Agencies

Chapter 45-31.1 Redevelopment Code Enforcement

Chapter 45-31.2 Uniform Relocation Payments

Chapter 45-32 Redevelopment Projects

Chapter 45-32.1 Redevelopment Aid for Hospital and Educational Purposes

Chapter 45-33 Redevelopment Financing

Chapter 45-33.1 Rehabilitation Loans

Chapter 45-33.2 Municipal Tax Increment Financing Act

Chapter 45-33.3 Housing Project Loans

Chapter 45-33.4 City of Pawtucket Downtown Redevelopment Project

Chapter 45-34 Health and Safety Authorities

Chapter 45-35 Conservation Commissions

Chapter 45-36 Conservation of Open Spaces

Chapter 45-36.1  Municipal Public Trust Dedication

Chapter 45-37 Gifts of Industrial Facilities

Chapter 45-37.1 Industrial Facilities Corporation

Chapter 45-38 Gifts of Educational Facilities

Chapter 45-38.1 Health and Educational Building Corporation

Chapter 45-38.2 School Building Authority Capital Fund

Chapter 45-39 Sale of Water

Chapter 45-39.1 Municipal Water Supplies

Chapter 45-40 Interlocal Cooperation Commissions

Chapter 45-40.1 Interlocal Contracting and Joint Enterprises

Chapter 45-41 Self Insuring Fund

Chapter 45-42 Emergency Police Power

Chapter 45-43 Regional Councils of Local Government

Chapter 45-44 Homestead Program

Chapter 45-45 Cost of Living Adjustments

Chapter 45-46 Soil Erosion and Sediment Control

Chapter 45-47 Municipal Liens on Fire Insurance Proceeds

Chapter 45-48 Nasonville Water District

Chapter 45-48.1 West Greenwich Water District

Chapter 45-49 School Age Child Care

Chapter 45-49.1 Early Childhood Foundation

Chapter 45-50 Municipal Public Buildings Authorities

Chapter 45-51 Environmental Advocacy Act

Chapter 45-52 The Quonochontaug East Beach Water District

Chapter 45-52.1 Central Falls — Fiscal Emergency Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 45-53 Low and Moderate Income Housing

Chapter 45-54 Municipal Detention Facility Corporations

Chapter 45-55 Award of Municipal Contracts

Chapter 45-56 Westerly Downtown Center Special Services District

Chapter 45-57 Winnisimet Farm Road District

Chapter 45-58 Pascoag Utility District

Chapter 45-59 District Management Authorities

Chapter 45-59.1  Tourism Improvement Districts

Chapter 45-60 Block Island Housing Board

Chapter 45-61 Stormwater Management Districts

Chapter 45-61.1 Storm Drainage System Maintenance

Chapter 45-61.2 The Smart Development for a Cleaner Bay Act of 2007

Chapter 45-62 Dam Management Districts

Chapter 45-63 Middletown Stormwater Control System

Chapter 45-64 Master Fire Alarm Box Charges

Chapter 45-65 Retirement Security Act for Locally Administered Pension Funds

Chapter 45-66 Central Coventry Fire District Annual Appropriation

Chapter 45-67 Block Island Utility District Act of 2017

Chapter 45-68 Statewide Municipal Solar Permit

Chapter 45-69  Coastal Hazards

Chapter 45-70 Continuing Education for Local Planning and Zoning Boards and Historic District Commissions