Title 46
Waters and Navigation

Chapter 13
Public Drinking Water Supply

R.I. Gen. Laws § 46-13-12

§ 46-13-12. Hearing on unsafe conditions — Order to correct deficiencies.

Whenever investigations indicate that the water from a public water supply system is not safe, potable, or is subject to contamination and, in the opinion of the director, the health of the water consumers is or may become endangered, the director may call the person maintaining the system to a hearing at a time and place designated by the director. The notice of the hearing shall be served in person or by registered mail upon the person giving the time, place, and reason for the hearing; and in the case of a municipality or a corporation, the service shall be upon an officer thereof. At the hearing, the person maintaining the water supply system shall be given an opportunity to show cause why sanitary defects should not be corrected or operation of the water supply system improved in order to make the water safe and potable; and, if in the opinion of the director cause is not shown, the director shall order in writing any such corrections, changes, or additions to be made as may be necessary to provide safe and potable water, directing that within a specified time thereafter, corrections, changes, or additions shall be provided. The authority of the director, as set forth herein, shall be in addition to the authority of the director as set forth in §§ 46-13-2.2, 46-13-15, and 46-13-16, and any other provision of law.

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