Title 46
Waters and Navigation

Chapter 15.6
Clean Water Infrastructure

R.I. Gen. Laws 46-15.6-5

 46-15.6-5.  Completion, filing, approval and implementation of infrastructure component.

(a) Each water supplier required by this chapter to prepare and maintain an infrastructure replacement component shall complete and adopt a component two (2) years subsequent to the date each party's water supply management plan per 46-15.3-7.5 is due.

(b) Water suppliers subject to the requirements of 46-15.6-3 shall file a copy of all components, only to the extent the components differ from plans filed under 46-15.3-5.1 thereto with the following: the division of drinking water quality of the department of health (hereinafter referred to as "the department").

(c) A water supplier subject to 46-15.6-3 shall review their components at least once every five (5) years and shall modify or replace their components as necessary.

(d) The department shall coordinate expeditious review of components prepared by water suppliers subject to this chapter. Upon receipt of components prepared by water suppliers under this chapter, water resources board, and the division of public utilities and carriers (for those water suppliers within their jurisdiction) shall have one hundred and twenty (120) days to review the components and submit comments thereon to the department. Upon consideration of written comments by all agencies designated herein the department shall determine whether the component complies with the requirements of this chapter. This determination shall be made within eight (8) months of the initial submission. A thirty (30) day public comment period shall be included in this eight (8) month review period. Failure by the department to notify water suppliers of its determination within the prescribed time limit shall constitute approval.

(e) Each water supplier shall implement the requirements of its infrastructure replacement program and component, including its infrastructure replacement fund, as mandated by this chapter in accordance to rules and regulations promulgated per 46-15.6-7.

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