Waters and Navigation

Water Resources Management

SECTION 46-15-18

§ 46-15-18. Relations with other governmental bodies and agencies.

In order to adequately protect the interests of the state in its water resources, the water resources board is hereby authorized to:

(1) Cooperate with the appropriate agencies of the federal government, of the state or other states, or any interstate bureau, group, division, or agency with respect to the use of ground and surface waters, which are without or wholly or partially contained within this state, and to endeavor to harmonize any conflicting claims which may arise therefrom.

(2) Appear, represent, and act for the state in respect to any proceeding before either a federal or state governmental body or agency where the water resources of the state may be affected, and may do and perform such acts in connection therewith as it deems proper to protect the interests of the state.

(3) Present for the consideration of the congress or officers of the federal government, as occasion requires, the just rights of the state in relation to its waters, and institute and prosecute appropriate actions and proceedings to secure those rights, and defend any action or proceeding calculated to impair those rights.

(4) Facilitate, encourage and support water resources management on a watershed basis, in a manner that supports systems level planning.

History of Section.
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