Waters and Navigation

CHAPTER 46-17.3
Ballast Water

SECTION 46-17.3-1

§ 46-17.3-1. Legislative findings.

The general assembly finds that:

(1) The waters of the state are a precious, irreplaceable resource essential to the environment, commerce, and recreation of citizens and tourists of the state;

(2) Non-indigenous aquatic species introduced into waters of the United States from ballast water have caused tremendous environmental and ecological damage, displacing native species, degrading water quality, and interfering with commerce, including the zebra mussel brought into the Great Lakes and the upper Susquehanna River;

(3) Ballast water practices of commercial shipping vessels may cause irreversible damage to waters of the state; and

(4) Protective measures against the introduction of non-indigenous aquatic species from ballast water are necessary to minimize exposure of the waters of the state to unwanted contamination and damage caused by these species.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2001, ch. 173, § 1.)