Title 47
Weights and Measures

Chapter 8
Gasoline and Petroleum Products

R.I. Gen. Laws 47-8-1

 47-8-1.  Testing of measuring devices — Forbidding use — Fee.

(a) The director of the department of labor and training is hereby authorized and directed to have tested all gasoline measuring devices used in the sale of gasoline, from time to time, as in his or her judgment it may be deemed necessary, to prevent fraud or deception in the use of these devices or to ensure the accurate measurement of gasoline in the sale.

(b) Any town or city sealer of weights, measures, and balances shall have authority to condemn and forbid the use of any gasoline measuring device for the sale of gasoline in his or her respective town or city, or until the device has been duly tried and sealed, or until the gasoline measuring device has been equipped with such an attachment, contrivance, or apparatus as will ensure the correct and proper functioning of the measuring device for the sale of the gasoline by accurate measurement.

(c) The sealer of weights and measures in any town or city shall receive the same fee as any state sealer, approved by the state, as stated in 47-1-5.1, except in the city of Providence where the sealer shall have the authority to remove and replace any lead seal on any gasoline measuring device and to charge an additional fee of five dollars ($5.00) for that service.

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