Title 47
Weights and Measures

Chapter 8
Gasoline and Petroleum Products

R.I. Gen. Laws 47-8-4

 47-8-4.  Standard measure furnished to towns by director of the department of labor and training.

The director of the department of labor and training shall furnish to the sealer of weights, measures, and balances of each town and city one five (5) gallon liquid measure, to be paid for by the respective town or city. Each measure before being used for the purpose described in 47-8-2 — 47-8-4 shall be tested and sealed by the director of labor and training to have a capacity of five (5) gallons liquid measure according to the United States standard. The measure after being so tested and sealed shall be used exclusively for the purpose of testing and sealing all measuring devices used in the sale of gasoline.

History of Section.
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