Businesses and Professions

Barbers, Hairdressers, Cosmeticians, Manicurists and Estheticians

SECTION 5-10-26

§ 5-10-26. Revocation or suspension of license, permit, or certificate.

Any license, permit, certificate of approval, or registration issued by the division under this chapter, or any section of this chapter, may be revoked or suspended by the division for violation of any provision of this chapter, failure to comply with any rules and regulations, not contrary to law, that the division adopts for the sanitation, regulation, and control of the practice of barbering, manicuring or hairdressing and cosmetic therapy, and for any other cause, or for any other cause, that the division deems sufficient; provided, that no license, permit, certificate of approval, or regulation shall be suspended or revoked without the holder of the license, permit, certificate of approval, or registration first being given ten (10) days' notice, in writing, specifying the complaint made and the charges preferred against the accused and a reasonable opportunity given the accused to present evidence and testimony and to be represented by counsel at a hearing or hearings, to be held by the division upon the complaint and charges preferred against the accused.

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