Businesses and Professions

CHAPTER 5-19.1

SECTION 5-19.1-22

§ 5-19.1-22. Authorized practices.

Nothing contained in this chapter shall apply to any practitioner with authority to prescribe who does not keep open shop for the retailing, dispensing of medicines and poisons, nor prevent him or her from administering or supplying to his patients such articles as he or she may deem fit and proper. Nothing in this chapter shall apply to, nor in any manner interfere with, the business of a general merchant in selling and distributing non-narcotic, nonprescription medicines or drugs which are prepackaged, fully prepared by the manufacturer for use by the consumer, and labeled in accordance with the requirements of the state and federal food and drug acts.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2001, ch. 60, § 2.)