Businesses and Professions

CHAPTER 5-19.1

SECTION 5-19.1-30

§ 5-19.1-30. List of drugs to be posted – Display of current selling price required – Exception.

(a) The director of the department of health shall compile a list of at least ten (10) prescribed health maintenance drugs and forward it to the board of pharmacy which shall distribute that list to all pharmacies in the state. Each pharmacy shall post, in a clear and legible form, on that list, the current selling price of each prescription drug listed.

(b) "Current selling price" means the actual price to be paid by a retail purchaser to the pharmacy for any prescription drug listed at the usual strength and amount listed.

(c) Each pharmacy:

(1) Shall conspicuously display the list of the ten (10) prescribed health maintenance prescription drugs at or adjacent to the place in the pharmacy where prescriptions are presented for compounding and dispensing;

(2) Shall, upon request, provide to a consumer who possesses a prescription for any listed prescription drug, the current selling price of that drug; and

(3) May change the current selling price and the posting of that price on the list at any time.

(d) The requirements of this section do not apply to an order to dispense a drug for immediate administration to a hospital patient.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2001, ch. 60, § 2.)