Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 20.5
Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-20.5-25

§ 5-20.5-25. Errors and omissions insurance required of real estate licensees.

(a) All holders of real estate brokers’ and salespersons’ licenses issued by the state department of business regulation shall, as a condition of retaining that license, carry and maintain errors and omissions insurance covering all business activities contemplated.

(b) Licensees shall obtain errors and omissions insurance independently. The coverage contained in the policy shall comply with the minimum requirements established by the department of business regulation.

(c) The department of business regulation shall determine the terms and conditions of coverage mandated under this section, including, but not limited to, the minimum limits of coverage; the permissible deductible; and permissible exemptions. The department of business regulation shall seek the assistance of the real estate commission as to the terms and conditions of coverage.

(d) A certificate of coverage must be filed with the department of business regulation by the annual license renewal date by each licensee.

History of Section.
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