Businesses and Professions

Plumbers and Irrigators

SECTION 5-20-4

   § 5-20-4  "Journeyperson plumber" defined. – (a) "Journeyperson plumber", as used in this chapter, means any employee except an apprentice plumber as subsequently defined, whose principal occupation is the installation, maintenance, or repair of plumbing, as defined in § 5-20-2.

   (b) A person holding a valid journeyperson license under this chapter shall not be required to obtain an additional license under this chapter to perform journeyperson irrigation work.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1945, ch. 1661, § 3; G.L. 1956, § 5-20-4; P.L. 2001, ch. 214, § 2.)