Businesses and Professions

Taverns, Cookshops, and Oyster Houses

SECTION 5-24-4

§ 5-24-4 Maintenance of good order – Drunkards, wastrels, and minors excluded.

Every person licensed pursuant to §§ 5-24-1 and 5-24-1.1 shall maintain good order in the licensed building, and shall not suffer any person in that licensed building to become intoxicated, nor shall he or she take in pawn or pledge any article; neither shall he or she suffer that licensed building to become frequented by any common drunkard or person addicted to the intemperate use of spirituous or intoxicating liquors, or by any person who is a disturber of the peace, or who is wasting his or her property or earnings and means of supporting himself or herself and family, or by any person under lawful age. Every person licensed pursuant to § 5-24-1 violating either of the provisions of this section shall be deemed the keeper of a disorderly house and shall be fined fifty dollars ($50.00), one-half ( 1/2) of that amount to the use of the city or town in which the offense has been committed and one-half ( 1/2) to the use of the state.

History of Section.
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