Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 29

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-29-4

§ 5-29-4. Powers and duties of the board.

The board has the following duties and powers:

(1) To adopt, amend, and rescind any rules and regulations with the approval of the director as is necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter;

(2) To investigate all complaints and charges of unprofessional conduct against any licensed podiatrist, or limited registrant and to hold hearings to determine whether those charges are substantiated or unsubstantiated;

(3) To recommend applicants for licensure to practice podiatry who meet all requirements for licensure to the practice of podiatry and who meet all the requirements for licensure set forth in this chapter, other applicable sections of the general laws, and regulations adopted under this chapter;

(4) To investigate the conduct or competence of any licensed podiatrist or limited registrant;

(5) To direct the director to revoke, suspend, or impose other disciplinary action as to persons licensed or registered under this chapter;

(6) To issue subpoenas and administer oaths in connection with any investigations, hearing, or disciplinary proceedings held under the authority of this chapter;

(7) To take or cause depositions to be taken as needed in any investigation, hearing, or proceedings;

(8) To summon and examine witnesses during any investigation, hearing, or proceeding conducted by the board; and

(9) To adopt and publish with the prior approval of the director rules of procedure and other regulations in accordance with the administrative procedures act, chapter 35 of title 42.

History of Section.
P.L. 1988, ch. 274, § 2.