Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 30
Chiropractic Physicians

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-30-7

§ 5-30-7. Certification of chiropractic physicians authorized to practice in other states.

The division of professional regulation of the department of health may, at its discretion, dispense with the examination of any chiropractic physician authorized to practice chiropractic medicine in any other state, and who has been practicing his or her profession in that state for at least five (5) years and desires to reside permanently and practice his or her profession in this state, provided the laws of that state require qualifications of a grade equal to those required in Rhode Island, and provided that equal rights are accorded by that state to chiropractic physicians of Rhode Island. The chiropractic physician shall make an application to the division for exemption from examination and the division may in its discretion exempt him or her. If the division exempts him or her, he or she shall pay a fee as set forth in § 23-1-54 for a certificate of exemption from that examination, and upon receipt of that fee, the division shall recommend him or her to the director of the department of health to receive a certificate of qualification to practice chiropractic medicine.

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