Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 31.1
Dentists and Dental Hygienists

R.I. Gen. Laws 5-31.1-5

 5-31.1-5.  Power of the director.

The director has the following duties and powers:

(1) With the prior approval of the governor, the director shall appoint a dental administrator who administers and supervises the investigatory and other activities of the board. The dental administrator shall be selected from a list of not less than three (3) names compiled and submitted to the governor by a search committee. The search committee shall consist of four (4) individuals, one being the director or his or her designee, one public member appointed by the board, one appointed by the governor, and one dental member appointed by the board. To be included on the list of potential appointees, an individual must have unanimous approval of the members of the search committee. The dental administrator shall report to the director of the department of health and to the board who shall establish the further duties of the dental administrator;

(2) With the prior approval of the governor, to appoint legal counsel and any assistant legal counsel that is required;

(3) In consultation with the board, to make contracts and arrangements for the performance of administrative and similar services required, or appropriate, or necessary to effectuate the provisions of this chapter;

(4) In consultation with the board, to hire any professional and clerical staff that is necessary to carry out the functions of the board;

(5) To issue, pursuant to any rules and regulations promulgated by the board and approved by the director, all licenses and registrations required by this chapter to qualified applicants;

(6) To deny licenses and registrations, to revoke, suspend, or discipline licensees in accordance with the provisions of this chapter; and

(7) To exercise all other powers specifically conferred upon him or her by virtue of the provisions of this chapter or other applicable sections.

History of Section.
P.L. 1987, ch. 358, 2.