Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 32
Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-32-11

§ 5-32-11. Display of licenses — Revocation or suspension of licenses for gross unprofessional misconduct.

(a) Every license issued under this chapter shall specify the name of the person to whom it was issued and shall be displayed prominently in the place of business or employment. The division of professional regulation of the department of health has the power to revoke or suspend any license of registration issued under this chapter for gross unprofessional conduct. Gross unprofessional conduct is defined as including, but not limited to:

(1) The use of any false or fraudulent statement in any document connected with the practice of electrolysis;

(2) The obtaining of any fee by fraud or misrepresentation either to a patient or insurance plan;

(3) The violation of a privileged communication;

(4) Knowingly performing any act that in any way aids or assists an unlicensed person to practice electrolysis in violation of this chapter;

(5) The practice of electrolysis under a false or assumed name;

(6) The advertising for the practice of electrolysis in a deceptive or unethical manner;

(7) Habitual intoxication or addiction to the use of drugs;

(8) Violations of any of the rules or regulations of the state department of health, or the violation of any section of this chapter;

(9) Gross incompetence in the practice of his or her profession; or

(10) Repeated acts of immorality or repeated acts of gross misconduct in the practice of his or her profession.

(b) Before any license is suspended or revoked, its holder shall be notified, in writing, of the charge or charges preferred against him or her and shall have a reasonable time to prepare his or her defense and has the right to be represented by counsel and to be heard and to present his or her defense. Any person whose license has been suspended or revoked may apply to have the license reissued and the license may be reissued to him or her upon a satisfactory showing that the cause for disqualification has ceased. The division of professional regulation of the department of health has power by its administrator to summon any person to appear as a witness and testify at any hearing of the division, to examine witnesses, administer oaths, and punish for contempt any person refusing to appear or testify. The division shall serve a copy of its decision or ruling upon any person whose license has been revoked or refused.

History of Section.
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