Businesses and Professions

CHAPTER 5-33.2
Funeral Director/Embalmer Funeral Service Establishments

SECTION 5-33.2-15

§ 5-33.2-15. Annual renewal of licenses.

All licenses issued under the provisions of this chapter must be renewed annually by their holders, who shall pay to the division a yearly renewal fee for the renewal of a funeral director/embalmer's license, and additional fees for each funeral establishment branch office license and for the crematory license. These fees are as set forth in § 23-1-54. On or before the fifteenth day of November in each year, the division shall mail to each licensed funeral director/embalmer and to each licensed funeral establishment, funeral establishment branch office and crematory an application for the renewal. Applications, accompanied by the fee for renewal, shall be filed with the division on or before the thirty-first day of December in each year. Applications filed after the thirty-first of December and on or before the fifteenth of January must be accompanied by a fee as set forth in § 23-1-54 for funeral director/embalmers and funeral establishments in addition to the previously established renewal fees. Any funeral director/embalmer who acts or holds himself or herself out as a funeral director/embalmer after his or her certificate has been lapsed shall be punished as provided in this chapter. Any funeral establishment, funeral establishment branch office or crematory who acts or holds itself out as a funeral establishment after its license has lapsed shall be punished as provided in this chapter.

History of Section.
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