Businesses and Professions

CHAPTER 5-34.2
Nurse Anesthetists

SECTION 5-34.2-2

§ 5-34.2-2. Definitions.

(a) "Board" means the board of nurse registration and nurse education established in § 5-34-4.

(b) "Certified registered nurse anesthetist" (CRNA) means a registered nurse who has successfully met the requirements stated in this chapter.

(c) "Practice of certified registered nurse anesthesia" means providing certain health care services in collaboration with anesthesiologists, licensed physicians, or licensed dentists in accordance with section 5-31.1-1(16) which requires substantial specialized knowledge, judgment and skill related to the administration of anesthesia, including preoperative and postoperative assessment of patients; administering anesthetics; monitoring patients during anesthesia; management of fluid in intravenous therapy and management of respiratory care. It also includes, in connection with the immediate perioperative care of a patient, the ability to issue a medication order for drugs or medications to be administered by a licensed, certified, or registered health care provider; to order and evaluate laboratory and diagnostic test results and perform point of care testing that the CRNA is qualified to perform; and order and evaluate radiographic imaging studies that the CRNA is qualified to order and interpret. For the purposes of this section, the immediate perioperative care of a patient shall be defined as the period commencing on the day prior to surgery and ending upon discharge of the patient from post-anesthesia care. CRNAs shall comply with the requirements set forth in this chapter, including subsection 5-34.2-5(b) regarding scope of practice, and the requirements set forth in chapter 5-34, as applicable. In the case of any conflict between this chapter and chapter 5-34 with regard to the licensure and practice of CRNAs, this chapter shall control.

History of Section.
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