Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 34

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-34-40

§ 5-34-40. Advanced practice nurse advisory committee.

(a) The seven-member (7) committee consists of two (2) certified nurse practitioners, two (2) certified registered nurse anesthetists, two (2) certified clinical nurse specialists, and one consumer. The director of health shall appoint the committee. In making appointments to the committee, the director shall consider persons recommended by professional nurse organizations and professional medical associations. The professional members of the committee shall be currently engaged in practice. The consumer members shall be: (1) Knowledgeable in consumer health concerns; (2) A resident of the state; (3) Not licensed as a healthcare practitioner; (4) Not a parent, spouse, sibling, or child of a person licensed as a healthcare practitioner and not a student in a professional program; (5) Not having a direct financial interest in healthcare services; and (6) Not a member or an employee of any board of control of any public or private healthcare service.

(b) Each member appointment shall be for three (3) years, with no member serving more than two (2) consecutive, three-year (3) terms, except that in making the initial appointments, the director designates: four (4) members for a term of two (2) years; three (3) members for a term of three (3) years; and the consumer members for three-year (3) terms.

(c) This committee must meet not fewer than two (2) times per year. The committee has the following functions:

(1) To assess advanced nursing practice for the purpose of improving patient care.

(2)(i) To review all complaints regarding advanced practice nurses and recommend any and all disciplinary or corrective action that it deems appropriate, including revocation and suspension of license upon proof that an advanced practice nurse has:

(A) Aided or abetted an uncertified person to practice as an advanced practice nurse;

(B) Become addicted to the use of liquor or controlled substances;

(C) Negligently, willfully, or intentionally acted in a manner inconsistent with the health and safety of persons entrusted to his or her care;

(D) Had his or her authorization to practice as an advanced practice nurse denied, revoked, or suspended in another state;

(E) Engaged in the performance of medical functions beyond the scope of practice authorized by the provisions of this chapter;

(F) Willfully failed to file or record medical records and reports;

(G) Mental incompetence; or

(H) Willfully failed to maintain standards established by the nursing profession.

(ii) The recommendation shall be submitted to the board of nursing for implementation.

(3) To advise periodically the board of nurse registration and nursing education regarding advanced nurse practice.

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