Businesses and Professions

CHAPTER 5-38.5
Motor Vehicle Glass Consumer Protection Act

SECTION 5-38.5-9

§ 5-38.5-9. Licenses – Content and display.

(a) The license of motor vehicle glass repair shop shall specify the name of the holder of that business and the location at which business is conducted; shall not be transferable; may be exercised only by the person whose name appears on the license; and must be conspicuously displayed at that location. The license number shall appear on all business communications, estimates, signs, business cards, and other written documentation relating to that business.

(b) No unlicensed motor vehicle glass repair shop shall display in its place of business any license or copy or facsimile of a license, nor shall it in any manner state that it is, or hold itself out to be, a licensed motor vehicle glass repair shop.

(c) Prior to its expiration date, a license may be suspended or revoked by the department in accordance with the procedure and on the grounds set forth in this chapter or may be terminated by voluntary surrender by the license holder.

(d) Upon the expiration, termination, or surrender of a license, the licensee shall deliver the license to the department which shall cancel the license and endorse the date of expiration, termination, or surrender on the certificate.

(e) The department shall open to public inspection, either by keeping on file in convenient form or by publishing on the department's website, a list of names and addresses of all motor vehicle glass repair shops licensed by the department and the names of all persons whose licenses have been revoked, suspended, or surrendered and the specific time for which such suspension, revocation, or surrender became effective.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2015, ch. 146, § 1.)