Businesses and Professions


SECTION 5-44-18

§ 5-44-18. Grounds for discipline.

The board has the power to deny, revoke, or suspend any license issued by the department in accordance with this chapter, or to discipline a psychologist upon proof that the person:

(1) Is guilty of fraud or deceit in procuring or attempting to procure a license or temporary license;

(2) Is guilty of a felony or of a crime of immorality;

(3) Is habitually intemperate or is addicted to the use of habit-forming drugs;

(4) Is mentally incompetent;

(5) Is incompetent or negligent in the practice of psychology and has violated the provisions of chapter 5-44 or the rules and regulations promulgated hereunder;

(6) Has violated the ethical principles governing psychologists and the practice of psychology, as adopted by the board and in force at the time a charge is made regardless of whether or not the person is a member of any national, regional, or state psychological association; provided, that those ethical principles are a national recognized standard; and departure from or the failure to conform to the minimal standards of acceptable and prevailing psychology practice.

(7) Has practiced as a psychologist or has performed the duties of a psychologist without proper supervision by a psychologist licensed under this chapter unless specifically exempted by this chapter.

(8) Has had their license revoked, suspended, privileges limited or other disciplinary action in another state or jurisdiction, including the voluntary surrender of a license.

(9) Has failed to furnish the department or its legal representative information requested by the board as part of a disciplinary action.

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