Businesses and Professions

Speech Pathology and Audiology

SECTION 5-48-9

§ 5-48-9. Fees – Late filing – Inactive status.

(a) The board may charge an application fee; a biennial license renewal fee payable before July 1 of even years (biennially); or a provisional license renewal fee as set forth in § 23-1-54 payable annually from the date of issue.

(b) Any person who allows his or her license to lapse by failing to renew it on or before the thirtieth (30th) day of June of even years (biennially), may be reinstated by the board on payment of the current renewal fee plus an additional late filing fee as set forth in § 23-1-54.

(c) An individual licensed as a speech language pathologist and/or audiologist in this state, not in the active practice of speech-language pathology or audiology within this state during any year, may upon request to the board, have his or her name transferred to an inactive status and shall not be required to register biennially or pay any fee as long as he or she remains inactive. Inactive status may be maintained for no longer than two (2) consecutive licensing periods, after which period licensure shall be terminated and reapplication to the board shall be required to resume practice.

(d) Any individual whose name has been transferred to an inactive status may be restored to active status within two (2) licensing periods without a penalty fee, upon the filing of:

(1) An application for licensure renewal, with a licensure renewal fee as set forth in § 23-1-54 made payable by check to the general treasurer of the state of Rhode Island; and

(2) Any other information that the board may request.

(e) [Deleted by P.L. 2015, ch. 141, art. 20, § 9].

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