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Private Security Guard Businesses

SECTION 5-5.1-21

§ 5-5.1-21. Licensee business procedures.

(a) Any licensee shall, on notice from the attorney general, discontinue any advertising or the use of any advertisement, seal or card, which in the opinion of the attorney general tends to mislead the public. Failure to comply with this order of the attorney general is cause for revocation of the license.

(b)(1) No licensee shall, by the use of any letterhead, advertisement, or other printed matter, or in any manner, represent that he or she is an instrumentality or agency of the federal government or of the state or political subdivision of the state.

(2) No licensee shall conduct a business under a trade name until he or she has obtained the written authorization of the attorney general to do so. The attorney general shall not authorize the use of a trade name which, in his or her opinion, is similar to that of a public office or agency, or of that used by another licensee that the public may be confused or misled by the trade name, except that this provision does not apply to the continued use of a trade name by a corporation that:

(i) Was commercially using that trade name in good faith on December 31, 1987; and

(ii) Had commercially used that trade name in good faith continuously for a period of more than one year prior to December 31, 1987.

(3) The authorization shall require, as a condition precedent to the use of the name, the filing of a certificate of doing business under the name with the city or town clerk of the city or town where the licensee's principal place of business is located and with the secretary of state in the manner provided by law.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1987, ch. 112, § 1; P.L. 1989, ch. 297, § 1.)