Businesses and Professions

Private Security Guard Businesses

SECTION 5-5.1-8

§ 5-5.1-8. License qualifications.

(a) Every applicant, or in the case of a partnership each partner, or in the case of a corporation each officer and general, and each shareholder owning a ten percent (10%) or greater interest in the applicant, provided, the applicant is not a publicly traded corporation, shall meet the following qualifications before it may engage in any business licensed under this chapter:

(1) Be eighteen (18) years of age;

(2) Be a citizen of the United States or a resident alien;

(3) Not have been convicted in any jurisdiction of a felony;

(4) Not have had his or her license or registration revoked or application for the license or registration denied by the attorney general or by the appropriate authority of any other jurisdiction;

(5) Not have been declared by any court of competent jurisdiction incompetent by reason of mental defect or disease and not having been restored;

(6) Not suffer from habitual drunkenness or from narcotics addiction or dependence; and

(7) Be of good moral character.

(b) A corporation seeking a license shall be incorporated under the laws of this state or shall be qualified to do business within this state with a valid certificate of authority issued by the secretary of state and an agent for service of process designated as required by law.

(c) With verification of no criminal background as established in subsection (a) of this section, any person engaged in the private security guard industry, prior to January 1, 1988, and who continues to be engaged as of January 1, 1988, may apply for a security agent license. This initial application will be treated as a renewal of a license.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1987, ch. 112, § 1.)