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Motor Fuel Distribution and Sales

SECTION 5-55-8

§ 5-55-8. Legal and equitable remedies.

(a) If a franchisor or distributor engages in conduct prohibited under this chapter, a franchisee or a distributor may maintain a suit against that franchisor or distributor. Where that suit involves termination or nonrenewal for good cause, the burden of establishing good cause shall be on the franchisor.

(b) The court shall grant the equitable relief that is necessary to remedy the effects of conduct prohibited under this chapter, which it finds to exist, including declaratory judgment and mandatory or prohibitive injunctive relief. The court may grant interim equitable relief, and actual and punitive damages where indicated, in suits under this chapter and may, unless the suit is frivolous, direct that costs, reasonable attorney and expert witness fees to be paid by the franchisor, in the event franchisee prevails.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1976, ch. 324, § 1.)