Businesses and Professions

CHAPTER 5-56.1
Designers of Individual Sewage Disposal Systems

SECTION 5-56.1-8

§ 5-56.1-8. Denial, suspension and revocation of licenses – Censure.

(a) The licensing authority may deny, suspend or revoke a designer's license if the person or licensed designer fails to comply with the requirements prescribed in this chapter or any regulation promulgated under this chapter or where the person or licensed designer:

(1) Provided incorrect, incomplete or misleading information in obtaining a designer's license; or

(2) Demonstrated gross or repeated negligence, incompetence or misconduct in the representation of site conditions in an application to the department of environmental management, design of an ISDS, or inspection or certification of an installation of an ISDS; or

(3) Committed a felony involving moral turpitude; or

(4) Failed or neglected to comply with continuing education requirements established by the licensing authority.

(b) An action to suspend or revoke a designer's license pursuant to subsection (a) of this section may not be taken until after the licensed designer has an opportunity to have a hearing before the licensing authority. This hearing shall be held within thirty (30) days of written notice of intent to suspend or revoke the license.

(c) The licensing authority shall appoint a review panel consisting of five (5) members at least three (3) of whom shall be licensed designers not employed by the licensing authority, for the purpose of reviewing and hearing disciplinary actions contemplated under subsection (b) of this section. The review board shall make recommendations to the licensing authority to suspend or revoke licenses. All final decisions shall be made by the licensing authority.

(d) Any person aggrieved by the denial of an application for a license pursuant to § 5-56.1-4 or a denial, suspension or revocation of a license pursuant to this section may request a formal hearing pursuant to § 42-17.1-2(21) which shall be granted, if requested, in writing by the aggrieved applicant or licensee within ten (10) days of the denial, suspension or revocation.

(e) The licensing authority may publicly censure any licensed designer whose license was suspended or revoked.

History of Section.
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