Businesses and Professions

Installers of Individual Sewage Disposal Systems

SECTION 5-56-7

§ 5-56-7. Responsibilities, performance and conduct.

A licensed installer shall adhere to the following:

(1) Perform all work in compliance with approved plans and specifications only.

(2) Report any discrepancies on an approved plan, which he or she may note during construction, to the director.

(3) Utilize only quality grade construction materials approved by the director.

(4) Use only the best construction techniques to provide for the best possible installations.

(5) Work only under valid plans approved by the director with the approval stamp clearly indicated, and commence work only after completely reviewing the entire approval including the application, the layout plans, all typical specification sheets, and other attachments.

(6) Adhere to each and every term of approval as stipulated by the director in his or her approval of the particular plan.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1976, ch. 299, § 1.)