Title 5
Businesses and Professions

Chapter 57
Burglar and Hold-Up Alarm Businesses

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-57-33

§ 5-57-33. Grounds and procedure for suspension or revocation of I.D. cards.

(a) For purposes of this section only, when the term “alarm agent” is used, it also applies to an individual required to obtain a permanent I.D. card from the licensing authority or a temporary I.D. card from an alarm business subject to this chapter.

(b) Alarm agent I.D. cards may be suspended or revoked by the licensing authority in the manner prescribed in this section if the cardholder has:

(1) Been found to have violated any of the provisions of this chapter or any rule or regulation of the licensing authority if the licensing authority determines that the violation reflects unfavorably upon the fitness of the I.D. cardholder to function as an alarm agent;

(2) Knowingly and willfully given any material false information to the licensing authority in connection with an application for an I.D. card or a renewal or reinstatement of an I.D. card under this chapter or in the submission of any material fact to the licensing authority; or

(3) Been convicted in any jurisdiction of a felony or a misdemeanor if the licensing authority finds that conviction to reflect unfavorably on the fitness of the I.D. cardholder to function as an alarm agent.

(c) Prior to suspension or revocation of an I.D. card, the licensing authority shall promptly notify the I.D. cardholder and the alarm business by which the cardholder is employed or engaged of the proposed action presenting in reasonable detail the ground or grounds for suspension or revocation. The I.D. cardholder may request a hearing in the same manner and in accordance with the same procedure as that provided in § 5-57-25(b).

(d) In the event that the licensing authority suspends or revokes an I.D. card, the cardholder, upon receipt of the notice of suspension or revocation, shall cease to perform any services related to the alarm business.

(e) Both the I.D. cardholder and the alarm business that employs him or her or engages him or her shall be notified by the licensing authority of final action to suspend or revoke an I.D. card.

History of Section.
P.L. 1977, ch. 248, § 1.