Businesses and Professions

Telephone Sales Solicitation Act

SECTION 5-61-3.3

§ 5-61-3.3. General disclosures.

(a) Within the first thirty (30) seconds of a telephone call, a telephonic seller or salesperson shall identify herself or himself by stating her or his true name, the company on whose behalf the solicitation is being made, and the consumer goods or services being sold.

(b) If a sale or an agreement to purchase is completed, the telephonic seller must inform the purchaser of her or his cancellation rights as provided in this chapter, state the registration number issued by the department for both the telephonic seller and the salesperson, and give the street address of the telephonic seller.

(c) All oral disclosures required by this section shall be made in a clear and intelligible manner.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1999, ch. 456, § 2.)