Businesses and Professions

CHAPTER 5-63.1
Reporting of Sexual Misconduct by Mental Health Professionals

SECTION 5-63.1-3

§ 5-63.1-3. Immunity from liability.

Any person or institution participating in good faith in the making of a report under this chapter shall be immune from any civil or criminal liability that results by reason of any action taken. For the purpose of any civil or criminal action or proceeding, any person reporting under this section shall be presumed to be acting in good faith. The immunity provided under this section shall not apply to liability resulting from sexual contact by a mental health professional with a patient or former patient. In any civil action against a sexual contact reporter or victim arising out of a report, if the plaintiff does not prevail in the action, the court may award the reasonable costs and attorneys' fees incurred by the defendant in defending the action.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1994, ch. 355, § 1.)