Businesses and Professions

CHAPTER 5-64.1
Dietary Manager

SECTION 5-64.1-3

§ 5-64.1-3. Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

(1) "Board" means the certifying board for dietary managers. The board has authority over the rules and regulations of the certification program for dietary managers.

(2) "Certified dietary manager" (C.D.M.) means to have entry level competency to perform the duties and responsibilities of a dietary manager; that a person has training and experience, and has passed an entry level credentialing exam to document his or her competency after which participation in continuing education to maintain competency.

(3) "Dietary manager" means a person who:

(i) Integrates and applies principles with education and training at an accredited school, college, or university in purchasing, personnel practices, supervision of people, budgeting and finance, menu planning, and nutrition;

(ii) Directs and coordinates food service activities of a hospital, nursing home, or a related facility;

(iii) Confers with dieticians to ensure that menus and department policies conform to nutritional standards and government and established regulations and procedures;

(iv) Reviews patient diet information and discusses requests, changes, and inconsistencies with patient, professional staff, and/or resident food committee or council;

(v) Plans and coordinates through subordinate supervisors, standards and procedures of food storage, preparation, and service, department and equipment sanitation, employee safety, and personnel policies and procedures;

(vi) Inspects food and food preparation and storage areas with knowledge of health and sanitation regulations;

(vii) Tastes, smells, and observes food to ensure conformance with recipes and appearance standards;

(viii) Attends meetings with employees, department heads, administration, and dieticians to discuss regulations, procedures, grievances, and recommendations for improving food service;

(ix) Computes operating costs for own information and for information of administration;

(x) In the absence of the dietician, a certified dietary manager is responsible for the department; and

(xi) Oversees all therapeutic diets to be planned in writing, reviewed, approved, and dated by the qualified dietician.

(4) "Facility" or "institution" means an organization or corporation such as hospitals, nursing homes, commercial and/or community feeding.

(5) "Managerial/supervisory experience" means that eighty percent (80%) of the individual's time is spent in a full-time managerial/supervisory capacity.

(6) "Person" or "individual" means an individual person whether a resident of this state or not.

(7) "Registered dietician" means any person registered to practice dietetics as specified by the commission of registration of the American Dietetic Association.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1990, ch. 352, § 1.)