Businesses and Professions

Contractors' Registration and Licensing Board

SECTION 5-65-8

§ 5-65-8. Term of registration – Renewal – Registration identification card.

(a) A certificate of registration shall be valid for two (2) years from the date of issuance unless the registration is revoked or suspended as described in § 5-65-10. It may be renewed by the same procedure provided for an original registration upon application and furnishing of any additional supplemental information that the board may require by rule.

(b) The board shall issue a pocket-card certificate of registration to a contractor registered under this chapter including a picture of the registrant as prescribed by the board in the rules and regulations. The Rhode Island department of administration, division of motor vehicles, shall, upon the board's request, provide electronic copies of the digital photos of any registrant under this chapter on record to be incorporated into the contractors' registration data bank to match the drivers' licenses or IDs provided by registrants or applicants unless the applicant provides written notification to the board to the contrary.

(c) The board may vary the dates of registration renewal by giving to the registrant written notice of the renewal date assigned and by making appropriate adjustments in the renewal fee.

(d) The presentation of the registration or license identification card shall be mandatory at the time of permit application.

(e) If a registrant files in bankruptcy court, the board must be notified in writing by the registrant and kept informed of the status of the case until dismissed, discharged, or resolved in court.

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