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Propane Gas Sales

SECTION 5-83-2

§ 5-83-2. Surcharge disclosure and actual cost estimates.

(a) As used in this chapter, "consumer" or "residential consumer" means a direct purchaser of propane for consumption and not for resale as the primary source of fuel for residential heating and/or domestic hot water to one or more dwelling units within a structure having not more than four (4) dwelling units.

(b) No propane gas dealer shall charge a residential consumer any fee above the delivered cost per gallon of propane unless the fee was disclosed prior to delivery in a consumer contract or dealer notice, and is itemized in an invoice provided to the consumer. Propane gas dealers shall provide a written explanation of the fee and disclose the actual or best estimate of the amount of the fee to be charged in connection with the next delivery within five (5) business days of a consumer's request for such information at no expense to the consumer.

(c) Upon the request of an individual, a propane gas dealer shall promptly disclose, over the telephone or in writing, the estimated price per gallon of propane and any charges that are applicable to the individual based on stated usage, the price and terms of leasing, loaning or purchasing storage containers through the seller, and other pertinent information, provided that nothing in this subsection shall be interpreted as creating a business relationship between an individual and a propane gas dealer.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2011, ch. 214, § 2; P.L. 2011, ch. 312, § 2.)